React Crash Course Announcement! - London, March, 7

React Crash Course Announcement! - London, March, 7

React is regarded as the premier way to build large, fast Web apps with JavaScript. We're excited to announce that we're going to have another React Crash Course in London! YLD already hosted three free events in Lisbon and this will be the second one in London. Whether you have

Alternatives to HTTP!

In one of our latest posts we introduced and debugged HTTP/2. However we'll be exploring some other alternatives to the HTTP protocol in this post. These alternative protocols are quite interesting when we start to investigate them, since it allows us to understand how the Internet is evolving; with

Build your own community event monitor

Build your own community event monitor

Events, events... and more events! YLD team members help to organize community meetups, both in Lisbon (require-lx) and London (#LTM - London TensorFlow): require-lx is a JavaScript meetup, with two types of events: nodeschool, where we help people to learn JavaScript and NodeJS (using workshops), and require-lx,

HTTP/2: A look into the future of the web

HTTP/2: A look into the future of the web

This article aims to be theoretical and practical, not only giving an overview about the HTTP/2 protocol, but also giving and explaining how to dig in with some tools. HTTP/2 is the next version of the HTTP protocol and aims to be more performant in comparison with the

React Component Profiling

The React library is still evolving and Facebook's React team is working on a set of features to improve it, both internally (e.g the new reconciler algorithm) and to upgrade developer experience. In this quick blogpost we're going to take a look at a feature that was presented in

On attending React-Europe 2016

React-Europe was an amazing 2-day conference held in Paris on June, 2 and 3. On this second edition, there were a lot of talks about React, React Native, Redux, performance optimisations, and data fetching using GraphQL or Falcor. The conference started with Dan Abramov explaining how Redux has grown in

The hapi.js eco-system

Overview The hapi.js (HTTP API) framework provides a RESTful API that is a perfect match for projects with large teams working on different parts of the application. It was created by Walmart back in 2011, and right now it's used by a large group of companies. hapi.js recommends

Nodeschool International Day

Node International Day was a global event, aimed at providing educational web events around the globe. The main goal is to learn Node.js and have fun with it. That’s why I started to look at the event and, quickly, more people got involved. Organizing Fábio was excited to


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